Build Expertise

Made Learning Easy Like Never Before

The purpose of training on various programming languages is to encourage students and working professionals to love computer programming and pursue careers in programming languages. We will together to learn the beauty of programming and make learning easy and fun. We provide a streamlined range of courses with hands-on-experience to help you learn and implementing various programming languages for career or business growth.

Why Build Expertise? We provide: Personalized training programs, Project work oriented course and Hands-on learning approach and assignments to practice.

Course is divided into two parts: Core Programming (Core features of each of the programming languages) and Business Analytics Programming (offered only in Python and R).

Programming - Course I (Core Programming)

  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Datatypes & programming
  • Class & Objects
  • Data Structure
  • GUI Programming
  • Database Access

Programming - Course II (Business Analytics)

  • Statistics for Data Analysts
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Project
  • Course I
    • Introduction
    • Basic Programming
    • Advanced Programming concepts
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Input and Output
    • Exceptions
    • Regular Expressions
    • CGI Programming
    • Database Access
    • GUI Programming
  • Course II
    • IPython: An Interactive Computing and Development Environment
    • Getting Started with pandas Data Structures
    • Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
    • Data Wrangling: Clean, Transform, Merge, Reshape
    • Plotting and Visualization
    • Data Aggregation and Group Operations
    • Time Series
    • Financial and Economic Data Applications
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